New Kids Nitro

Our favourite mullet-heads from Maaskantje—Gerrie, Richard, Rikkert, Robbie and Barry—are in the midst of a huge rivalry with a bunch of dudes from the neighbouring village of Schijndel. There is more than honour at stake: Rikkert is fighting for both his beloved car and the heart of his enemy’s pregnant girlfriend. While the New Kids are warring with the Schijndel schlubs, something strange is happening in the nearby farmlands of Friesland that might threaten the security of the entire country. Will the New Kids rise to the occasion?


Steffen Haars, Flip van der Kuil

Steffen Haars, Flip van der Kuil

Hans de Weers and Reinout Oerlemans for Eyeworks for Eyeworks Film & TV Drama © Hollands Licht

Inspire Pictures – Sim van Veen, 100% Halal – Gijs Kerbosch, Steffen Haars & Flip van der Kuil

Joris Kerbosch, NSC

Steffen Haars, Flip van der Kuil, Huub Smit, Tim Haars, Wesley van Gaale


Golden Film Award for + 100.000 admissions
Platinum Film Award for + 400.000 admissions

2012 Rembrandt Awards, Best Original Song
2012 Best Film, Austin Fantastic Fest