Bon Bini Holland

Robertico earns his money with Bon Bini Bungalows, a so called agency that provides residence for tourists in houses without the permission of the owner. If he, by mistake, cheats a dangerous criminal he has to repay him a lot of money, but instead he flees to the Netherlands. When Robertico meets the beautiful Noëlla and discovers that her father Ken Maduro is a rich businessman, he has a plan. If he manages to convince him to invest in Bon Bini Bungalows he won’t be in trouble anymore. His plan seems to succeed, but gets complicated when Robertico falls in love with Noëlla. Will he continue his scam or will he follow his heart and be honest for the first time in his life?


Jelle de Jonge

Reint Schölvinck, Ernst Gonlag & Jandino Asporaat

Maarten Swart for Kaap Holland Film © Hollands Licht

EOne, RTL Nederland

Joris Kerbosch, NSC

Jandino Asporaat, Liliana de Vries, Sergio Romero IJssel, Dennis Rudge, Teun Kuilboer, Phi Nguyen, Alpha Oumar Barry, Hans Dagelet


Golden Film Award for + 100.000 admissions
Platinum Film Award for + 400.000 admissions
2016 Winner Golden Calf, Audience Award, Netherlands Film Festival