Bon Bini Bangkok Nights

When Judeska and Ping Ping take out a loan from a cunning Asian business tycoon Lo Pei Chan, to expand their fast-food chain F.C. Chicken, but fail to read the fine print, they lose everything they’ve worked for. With the help of Roy, an unworldly hacker, they track down Lo Pei in exotic Bangkok where he owns a heavily guarded villa. With the entire team of F.C. Chicken they plan a daring and deadly plan to steal back what was taken from them. Obviously, their heist goes completely different than planned, which results in dangerous but also very comical adventures. Racing tuk-tuks in the Thai countryside, breathtaking martial arts at the Chatuchak market and wild gunfights on Khao San Road. So fasten your seatbelt and hold on tight, as this is just a glimpse of an exciting mission during Bangkok Nights…


Pieter van Rijn

Michel Bonset, Jandino Asporaat and Maarten Swart

Kaap Holland Film in close collaboration with Het Huis van Asporaat and Huntu Productions

Joost Rietdijk

Jandino Asporaat, Phi Nguyen, Sergio Romero IJssel, Alpha Oumar Barry