Lead actor Jandino Asporaat from Bon Bini: Bangkok Nights received the Platinum Award today at his Rotterdam restaurant FC Kip, in the presence of actors Sergio Romero IJssel, Kwok Wan, Lovella Telesford, and producer Maarten Swart. Once again, they managed to attract 400,000 viewers to a film from the Bon Bini series. The action-comedy is directed by Pieter van Rijn. In a short period, this is the second Dutch film in 2024 to achieve Platinum status. The Platinum Film Award is an initiative of the Netherlands Film Festival with the support of the Netherlands Film Fund and the Abraham Tuschinski Fund.



About the film
When Judeska and Ping Ping take out a loan from the unscrupulous Asian business magnate Lo Pei Chan to expand their fast-food chain F.C. Kip – and they don’t read the fine print – they lose everything they have worked so hard for. They track down Lo Pei in exotic Bangkok, where he owns a heavily guarded villa. There, with the entire F.C. Kip team, they devise a daring and life-threatening plan to steal back what has been taken from them. The heist, of course, goes very differently than planned, resulting in perilous but also highly comedic adventures. Racing tuk-tuks in the Thai countryside, breathtaking martial arts at the Chatuchak market, and wild shootouts on Khao San Road. Sleep during the day, because this is Bon Bini: Bangkok Nights…

About the production
Bon Bini: Bangkok Nights is directed by Pieter van Rijn (Bon Bini Holland 3, MeesterSpion) from a screenplay by Michel Bonset, Jandino Asporaat, and Maarten Swart. The comedy’s main cast includes Jandino Asporaat, Alpha Oumar Barry, Phi Nguyen, and Sergio Romero IJssel. There are also roles for Albert Jan Rees, Kwok Wan, Ankie Beilke, Vincent Croiset, Liza Sips, and Lovella Telesford. Kaap Holland Film produced the action-comedy in close collaboration with Het Huis van Asporaat and Huntu Productions. Bon Bini: Bangkok Nights was realized with the support of the Netherlands Film Fund, Netherlands Film Production Incentive, and Abraham Tuschinski Fund. Bon Bini: Bangkok Nights is currently showing in 112 cinemas through distributor WW Entertainment.

About the Film Awards
The Golden Film, Platinum Film, and Diamond Film are awarded by the Netherlands Film Festival, the Netherlands Film Fund, and the Abraham Tuschinski Fund when respectively 100,000, 400,000, and 1,000,000 cinema tickets have been sold during the film’s run. The Crystal Film is awarded to Dutch documentaries and short films that have attracted 10,000 cinema visitors.