Kaap Holland Studios

Kaap Holland Studios combines the punching power of a seasoned production company with the disruptive ideas of independent creatives. Kaap Holland Studios is an independent, Amsterdam-based production studio founded by producer Maarten Swart that produces films, (high-end) series and podcasts. We aim to create ambitious, urgent and daring projects for wide audiences. In order to do what we love best, we work together with experienced and emerging talents, producers and showrunners. Kaap Holland Studios consists of the production companies and labels Kaap Holland Film, Kaap Holland Series, Dead Duck Productions, Huntu Productions, Marine Biologie, Saturnino & Kongo Productions and Wonderboys Media and works closely together with renowned production companies Big Blue and Circe Films.


Kaap Holland Film

Kaap Holland Film strives to make ambitious, daring, and impactful films for a broad audience. Kaap Holland Film produces mainstream films, (international) crossover films, and cutting-edge genre films with both emerging talent and established directors.

Kaap Holland Series

Kaap Holland Series combines the punching power of a seasoned series production company with the disruptive ideas of independent creatives. Kaap Holland Series produces impactful and high-end series for a broad audience.

Dead Duck Productions

Dead Duck Productions is a collaboration between comedy creator, showrunner & director Flip van der Kuil and producer Maarten Swart of Kaap Holland Studios. Dead Duck Productions develops and produces hilarious, bizarre, and groundbreaking comedy films and series for Dutch and international audiences.


Huntu productions

Huntu Productions is a collaboration between Kaap Holland Studios and Het Huis van Asporaat – a production company helmed by brothers Jandino and Kenneth Asporaat. Huntu Productions develops and produces inclusive comedy and drama films and series with creators of all backgrounds, for a mainstream Dutch audience.

Saturnino & Kongo Productions

Saturnino & Kongo Productions is a collaboration between screenwriter and showrunner Ashar Medina and Kaap Holland Studios. Saturnino & Kongo focuses on developing and producing ambitious and inclusive high-end series and films for Dutch and international audiences. Powered by an extensive network of talented and diverse creators, Saturnino & Kongo produces content that is both commercial and socially engaged.


Wonderboys Media

Wonderboys develops and produces series for a younger audience by upcoming talent from diverse backgrounds. We create stories where major life themes are touched upon in an original, quirky, and authentic way. From fantasy to magical realism, and thriller to comedy; Wonderboys productions uses innovative forms of storytelling by mixing new and existing styles, always aiming for a result that excites and amazes.


Big Blue

Big Blue is a production company focused on creating high-end drama series. Based in Amsterdam and founded by producer Fleur Winters, Big Blue works with exceptional writers and directors to produce urgent, ambitious, original, and entertaining series in various genres for a broad audience. Big Blue Productions has a business partnership with Kaap Holland Studios.



Circe Films

Circe Films produces feature films for national and international markets. Since 1996, producer Stienette Bosklopper has worked with unique filmmakers such as Nanouk Leopold, Radu Jude, Sebastián Hofmann, Sacha Polak, Dominga Sotomayor, Martijn Maria Smits, Peter Hoogendoorn, Nina Gantz, Isabel Lamberti, and Emin Alper. Circe Films has a production services partnership with Kaap Holland.