Horror in the new youth podcast Spooky Wooky

(HILVERSUM) July 5, 2023 – Welcome to the wonderful world of the Spooky Wooky podcast. A world in which Fraulein Angst and Korku Karel turn fear into an art. In this creepy-funny podcast, kids tell their true ghost stories. With the help of horror experts, they investigate, what is being afraid? Why are you afraid? How can you master your fear? And what is the difference between being scared and shuddering? The first three episodes of podcast ‘Spooky Wooky’ can be listened to from today via your favorite podcast app and via the NPO Zapp site. On Wednesday, July 12, two new episodes of ‘Spooky Wooky’ will appear.

Zoeteke Lugthart: “When I was young, my niece and I regularly saw them flying, but the people around us thought that was weird. The Spooky Wooky podcast is for all kids who recognize this. Because everything is true, as long as you believe in it yourself.”

In the first episode, Maurits (10) talks about the ghost he photographed with his phone. Helena (10) and Juliette (11) tell in episode two about an evening in which they tried to summon spirits. Did they manage to bring a ghost into their home? In the third episode, Christopher (12) goes on a real ghost hunt. He is afraid of nothing and nobody and secretly dreams of becoming a ghosthunter.

‘Spooky Wooky’ is created by Zoeteke Lugthart, the voice over is  Mert Ugurdiken while rapper Kleine Crack scares the listeners musically.

The podcast is a co-production of Dead Duck Productions, Zapp and BNNVARA. Spooky Wooky received support from the NPO fund.