BON BINI: BANGKOK NIGHTS Favorite Youth Film NL 2024 and most visited Dutch film of 2023

Bon Bini: Bangkok Nights has surpassed the magical threshold of 500,000 visitors within 8 weeks. It is the first Dutch film released in 2023 to achieve this.

The movie just won the NPO ZAPP AWARD in the category of Favorite Youth Film NL 2024. It’s remarkable that Bon Bini: Bangkok Nights has clinched this award because it’s the second consecutive year that the successful franchise has been chosen as the favorite youth film.

The children of Jandino Asporaat accepted the award along with director Pieter van Rijn and actors Albert Jan van Rees and Alpha Oumar Barry. Currently, Jandino is in Suriname with Sergio IJssel and Kwok Wan for the film premiere after having premiered Bon Bini: Bangkok Nights in Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao. The men expressed their gratitude via a special video message, thanking everyone for voting.

All four films were awarded the Golden Calf of the Audience in the Netherlands. In Curaçao, Bon Bini Holland, Bon Bini Holland 2, and Bon Bini Holland 3 are the most visited Dutch films ever. Bon Bini Holland 3 also won the ZAPP Award in the favorite youth film category.

Bon Bini: Bangkok Nights is a wild ride full of action scenes, impressive stunts, and, of course, an overdose of hilarity.