First day of shooting for THREE DAYS OF FISH

(AMSTERDAM) June 21, 2023 – The first day of shooting for the film THREE DAYS OF FISH started at the beginning of June. The new film by Peter Hoogendoorn, who also wrote the screenplay, is a drily comic road movie about the relationship between father and son with Ton Kas and Guido Pollemans.

Gerrie (68) from Rotterdam has been living in the Algarve with his second wife Rosa for years but is still officially registered in the Netherlands. Gerrie, who used to be a bus driver, is a COPD patient and travels to Rotterdam once a year for his checkups and other routine visits. He stays with his Cape Verdean stepdaughter and reunites with his son Dick (45), who is at odds with himself and the rest of the world. Gerrie has not been paying attention to his son’s issues for years. Dick always expects too much from the brief reunion with his father and wants quality time. This year there is a chance that it could be Gerrie’s last visit to the Netherlands.

Peter Hoogendoorn: “The film, also life, is about the passage of time. Ton Kas is a master of silences. The (tragi)comedy makes the scenes poignant.”

The other roles are played by, among others, the Flemish actress Line Pillet (LITTLE BLACK SPIDERS), Adison Dos Reis (FERRY), newcomer Eneida dos Santos, Bianca Krijgsman (DE LUIZENMOEDER, Tamar van Waning (PARADISE DRIFTERS), Peter Bolhuis (OOGAPPELS, DE STAMHOUDER) and Loes Schnepper (RAMPVLUCHT).

THREE DAYS OF FISH is produced by Stienette Bosklopper for Circe Films and Maarten Swart for Kaap Holland Film in co-production with Dries Phlypo for A Private View and NTR. The screenplay was developed through Torino Film Lab’s Script Lab.

The film received support from the Netherlands Film Fund, the Film Production Incentive, CoBo and the Belgian TAX Shelter. Paradiso Filmed Entertainment distributes THREE DAYS OF FISH, the film will hit theaters in 2024.